The National Fire Protection Association recomends that  homeowers have  their chimney inspected at least once a year.

   New England Chimney Sweeps, offers a full range of chimney and venting system services. Whether its' oil, gas, fireplaces, wood or coal stoves chimneys or dryer vents, we will  know the intricacies of the venting systems in your home. We are ready to address all of you maintenance and safety needs!


    Our Master chimney sweep will use state of the art equipment to sweep chimneys of all kinds including,
Oil, Gas, Coal and Wood chimneys cleaned. While sweeping your chimney we will look for any problems that could prevent top performance and what would be needed for your system to burn clean, safe and efficiently.
Chimney Relining:
    We reline unsafe or unlined chimney flues with high quality Factory Lifetime Warranty Stainless Steel Liners, making your home and chimney more energy efficient and SAFER.
    We apply a repellent that will allow the chimney to breath but prevent water from being absorbed into the bricks. The product comes with a 10 year warranty!

Rebuild Chimney Crowns: 
    As years go by the crown can crack and become worn, allowing water to penetrate or pose a fire hazard.

1) We remove all damaged areas of the crown including the damaged tiles.

2) We cut new tiles to the correct sizes.

3) We secure the new tiles with a cement crown to get a finished product below.
Chimney Caps:
    The best way to keep animals, leaves, rain and other debris from entering into your chimney is to install a Stainless Steel Rain cap with Screening. Extend the life of your chimneys inner liner by preventing water from corroding it away and avoid blockages from happening by having a rain cap with screening installed today.

Replacement Dampers:
    Dampers that are broken, rusted out or not sealing properly can be replace with a Top Sealing damper. This Damper will make an air tight seal to keep out the weather and seal in the heat in winter and A/C in the summer, plus its simple to use.
Chase Top Replacements:
    Leaky, Rusted and Corroded chase tops are possible hazards on Pre-Fabricated Metal Fireplace and Oil Chimneys. Our Chase tops are custom made of Stainless Steel which will prevent unsightly rust stains and stop possible hazards.

Dryer and Bathroom Vent Cleaning:
    Besides cleaning chimneys we clean dryer and bathroom vents. By cleaning your vents, it will allow the dryer to work at optimal performance and will prevent dryer fires and Carbon Monoxide back up with gas dryers.
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