How-to-Choose a Sweep

  It is very important to know how to choose a good sweep, because there is a huge difference among chimney sweeps on Long Island.
    I am sure you have seen and heard of all the stories of scam artists and out right Thieves pretending to be Chimney Sweeps and take advantage of their customers.
    Many are without any Education, Experience or Training with knowledge of proper tools or equipment and still call themselves Chimney Sweeps.
    This is why you do not want a poorly equipped, unprepared person offering their services as a chimney sweeps, leaving you with a false sense of security and no peace of mind. 



1. Hire a Master Chimney Sweep, someone that is trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of chimney and safety.

  • We are a Master Chimney Sweep, Professionally trained and Experienced.

2. Make sure that they are licensed by Nassau and Suffolk

  • We are licensed in both Nassau and Suffolk.

3. Make sure that they carry insurance.

  • We carry over a 1 Million dollars in insurance.

4. Don't fall for the Phone Scams---"Were in the area of a to good to be true low price." or "Claiming to be your Chimney sweep"

  • You pay for what you get and you get ripped off.

5. Trucks that pull up to your house with out the right equipment or no lettering stating the companys name on the truck or an out of state license plate or no Suffolk or Nassau County license sticker on the back of the vehicle.

  • We are local, equipped for job every time and have a license sticker on the back of our vans.

6. Membership in a Sweep Organization, members of a professional sweep organization are more likely to have on going training and are better informed about the industry then sweeps that are not.

7. Websites that give you all these beautiful testaments that for all you know can be made up.

  • The best testament we have is a spotless record for over 38years with Nassau and Suffolk County Consumer Affairs, as well as Better Business Bureau.
  • Nassau License No. H07072100
  • Suffolk License No. 10232

8. Scammers use techniques that usually begin with a low cost sweep or free inspection of your chimney and end up finding a bigger problem with an even bigger price to repair it. They will scare and pressure you into doing the repair right away.

9. Experience Counts, make sure the company you are dealing with has been around for a few years. You want someone with experience and the assurance that they will be there in the future if a problem occurs. I have seen many new companies come into the market boasting 10 years of experience and have none. Once Again check with Consumer Affairs and Verify.